Pin Pad Shield

  • Pin Shield provides a simple but sophisticated solution to the challanges of ATM security. It protects the user of the ATM by shielding the PIN pad from unwanted viewers. Its unique vision control system allows a low aspect design. Pin Shield can be easily installed using a physical securing method or a simple adhesive method. Its design and construction is robust but attarctive.

    ATM Security

    The goal of ATM Security is to build consumer belief and faith in the ATM channel. Guaranteeing that account holders’ personal information cannot be compromised and establishing measure that enhance the customer’s safety at the ATM are rising concerns for the ATM industry as a whole. Banks, Financial institutions and ATM manufacturers across the globe are investing in more effective and intelligent security system for their ATMs.
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  • The shield is made of ABS+PC that protects viewing of passwords entered by the user.

  • Restricts the field of view around the PIN pad to avoid shoulder surfing and spy cameras but does not impair the functionality of the ATM.

  • Keypad cover is virtually indestructible and easy to install.
  • High resistance and durable material that is attached to the fascia of the ATM. It can be used on different models.

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