P2600 Series

Compact Cash Deposit Machine

  • P2600 series contains different compact deposit models, which can accurately manage the large cash deposit process in different environments. They deliver a safe and convenient cash manage solution not only suitable for financial institutions and retail industry but also for where heavy cash transactions take place.

    P2600 series integrated with latest management system makes mobile monitor possible which greatly increased the security and convenience. It is the ideal solution for retail back office deposit, bank branch teller automation and CIT resource optimization.
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    Intrinsic Performance:

    High banknotes processing speed (up to 720 pieces per minute) together with large infeed hopper capacity (500 notes) considerably reduce deposit time. Optimized transit path and algorithm ensure ultra-low jam rate.

    Premier Security:

    UL291 Level 1 safe and remote monitoring software solution ensure a secure transaction environment. Biometric solution is available on P2600, which enables P2600 series to be more secure for different environments.

    Flexible Configuration:

    P2600 series can be configured with EPP and contactless card reader. Different P2600 is configured with different deposit capacity for various scenarios.


    Controlling Unit

  • - Intel Celeron® J1900 2.0 GHz 4 Cores CPU, 4G RAM
  • - 128G HDD
  • - Windows® 7
  • - Support: LAN, COM & USB
  • - Optional: Android

  • Banknote Processing Unit

  • Bulk Note Deposit Module:
  • - Processing Speed: 720 notes/minute
  • - Entrance Capacity: 500 notes

  • Escrow Stacker: 200 notes
  • Cash Reject Capacity: 100 notes
  • Support Envelope deposit: C6 162mm * 114mm

  • Security

  • Physical:
  • - Lock options: No lock, Mechanical lock, Electronic lock
  • - Standard UL291 Level 1 safe, Reserved Position to Fix E-lock

  • Communication

  • - Standard TCP-IP connection

  • Receipt Printer

  • - 58mm thermal printer

  • Working Environment

  • Temperature:
  • - Indoor: 32℉(0 ℃) to 104℉(40℃)
  • Relative humidity:
  • - 20% to 90% noncondensing

  • *The actual capacity is subject to the thickness and fitness of local currency.

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