FEEL Defender

Software Distribution Management System

  • Nowadays, ATM attacks have evolved from skimming and fishing to more sophisticated methods like cyber attack, black box att ack and Jack pott i ng. To cope with such threats, GRG has advanced its ATM Security Protection Suite to a multi-layer solutions that covers network, application, operating system and hardware . Featured with unique dispensing flow authentication mechanism that validates details of each dispensing transaction, it is capable of preventing malware attacks.
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  • Advanced security technology makes your terminal more secure and efficient

  • Full scale protection method make your system more comprehensive and systematical

  • 25+ security expert ensures to provide you more professional services

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  • Support Windows XP and Windows 7

  • Flow authentication and bi-direction authorization

  • Hard encryption method to enhance security

  • Adopt TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Solution

  • Use HTTPS, TLS v1.2 to ensure high security

  • Use 3DES, AES, SHA-256 algorithm

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