• The Compact Genius

    Flexible, powerful, and robust: the BPS C1 offers everything a bank branch or cash center manager’s heart desires. This banknote processing system is versatile and easy to use. It offers high level functionality in day-to-day business: highgrade authentication and denomination verification, rapid sorting by denomination, series, and orientation, and multi-currency processing for up to ten currencies.

    The BPS C1 can be easily configured to perform specific applications such as check processing, serial number reading and barcode/ticket reading with maximum security. With a speed of up to 1,300 banknotes per minute for counting, and up to 1,050 banknotes per minute for authentication, fitness detection, serial number and barcode reading, it is a fast and reliable system in the compact segment. Three speed levels are available for manual setting.

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    Authentication speed
    1,050 BN/min
    Fitness testing speed
    up to 1,050 BN/min

    Serial number processing speed
    up to 1,050 BN/min
    Ticket reading speed
    up to 1,050 BN/min

    Singler capacity
    (depending on BN quality)
    up to 10 currencies
    Output compartment capacity
    (depending on BN quality)
    up to 300 BN
    Reject compartment capacity
    (depending on BN quality)
    up to 100 BN

    up to 10 currencies
    Dimensions (H × W × D)
    35 × 33 × 35 cm
    ~ 15 kg
    Electrical specifications
    100 – 240 VA, 50/60 Hz

    External connections
    LAN, USB, RS232, ext. Display Certificates
    CE, CB, GS

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