Intelligent Cash Collection Solution

  • Although many non-cash payment technologies emerge in recent years, cash remains the predominant payment medium in most regions and countries. In this “Cash is still King” world, cash operation, cash transit and internal risk prevention create extremely high costs for involved parties in cash circle, including retailers, CITs and banks. Confronted with such challenges in an environment of severe competition, margins are squeezed and efficiency is high-demanded.

    With the goal to increase process efficiency and to decrease costs, GRG developed its Intelligent Cash Collections Solution (ICCS) which enables to automate traditional manual process. The value proposition of our ICCS is to streamline the cash supply chain from front to back office and to reach an automated cash handling process without physical contact of cash.
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  • A Easy to use terminal application: deposit, shift, cash up, diagnose and report etc.

  • Rich back office mngt: device and transaction monitoring, statistics and report with web UI.

  • Provide host-link for easily integra? on with your exist system

  • Support online, off-line deployment to suitable any environment

  • Benefits

    Standardized cash processing procedures to improve cash collection efficiency.

    Less cash collection frequency for CIT due to real time cash volume monitoring.

    Fast account credit for retailer to reduce risk of captical turnover.

    Management: Remote monitoring of cash process, 100% control and transparency.

    Automatic financial statitics and report for bank to improve performace.

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